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Shlomi, Yoni and the Orchestra

Shlomi Shaban will perform with the Camerata his best repertoire, and will host Yoni Rechter, with whom he has been conducting creative musical dialogue over the past decade. In this concert, the two will meet on the same stage with the Camerata, next to two grand pianos for a celebration of songs, improvisation and music. The concert will open with Shostakovich's piano quintet, adapted for orchestra, piano and keyboard.

Piano and keyboard: Shlomi Shaban and Yoni Rechter

Conductor: Avner Biron

Concert Dates

  • 3
    MonMonday 20:00
    Haifa: Haifa Auditorium
    Past event
  • 11
    TueTuesday 20:00
    Jerusalem: Jerusalem Theatre, Sherover Hall
    Past event