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Joseph Haydn - Lo Speziale (The Apothecary)

Camerata CD cover - Joseph Haydn - Lo Speziale (The Apothecary)

Haydn / Lo Speziale (The Apothecary) Hob. 28/3
opera buffa in three acts
Libretto by Carlo Goldoni

Avner Biron, Conductor
Mary Nelson, Volpino
Agam Engelard-Saar, Grilletta
James Edwards, Sempronio
Daniel Auchincloss, Mengone

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CD Information

Recorded live on July 3, 2011
by Israel David & Eitan Shamai

© 2013, the Israel Camerata Jerusalem
All rights reserved, Unauthorized copying, hiring, renting and public performance of this recording is prohibited

Produced with the assistance of Prof. Ruth Arnon and the Marc Rich Foundation