The Israel Camerata Jerusalem

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„An unplanned sensation”

Why the festival „Viennese Classics” was opened by chamber orchestra from Israel? Because we got very lucky.

Rigans have no reason to complain: the city one of the most progressive orchestras - „Sinfonietta Riga”, as well as their regular concert providers / home visitors (cross out the unnecessary) - „Kremerata Baltica”.

To make the scene even more colorful, producers usually bring two or three foreign collectives to the capital city. “Moscow Virtuosi” and “Moscow Solists”, “Cameristi Della Scala” and “Combattimento Consort Amsterdam”, guests from Bremen, Venice and Rome – they all have been here, all offered the best programmes and all gathered full audiences. The public could not have asked for more.

In short, the appearance of „Camerata Jerusalem” in the programme is being perceived as pleasant, but not sensational event. The Great Guild hall is filled with people who are not frightened from three (!) symphonies in one concert: 4th of Boccherini , 52nd of Haydn and 29th of Mozart.

There are several free seats in the stalls – not many, but there are. The orchestra begins with Boccherini. After the first phrases audience becomes still. After the first part - despite the concert etiquette that everyone knows – audience wildly applauds and then becomes still again. Fast forward: after three symphonies followed two encores. There is a feeling of wanting to hear more, no one has left yet, except the conductor.

During the concert it became very clear, what [the conductor Avner Biron] was talking about. About an impeccable sense of timing and ability to hold subtle but tangible line between baroque and early classicism. About an amazing combination of the ensemble. About paying attention to the slightest nuances of sound. About architectonics of the whole performance. Add a technical excellence and that special warmth that Jewish musicians always bring with themselves, add wonderful musical instruments – and here it is, one of those rare orchestras that stays in memory for life: “Camerata Jerusalem”. 
I wouldn’t want to jinx it, but there is a possibility that in fall another illustrious.