The Israel Camerata Jerusalem


Subscription for 2017/18 season

Subscriptions for 2017/18 season can be purchased at the Camerata office, Tel. no. 1-700-55-2000 or buy them directly online or contact us via the web site.

Office hours: Sundays to Thursdays 9 am-5pm.
Between March 5 2017 and April 7 2017 the box office operating hours will be extended to 9 am-8 pm on weekdays and 9 am-1 pm on Fridays


Human Voice, Tel Aviv (8 concerts)
New: NIS 1,280. Renewal: NIS 1,100.
Reduced - New: NIS 1,210; Renewal: NIS 1,030

Human Voice, Jerusalem (8 concerts)
New: NIS 1,230. Renewal: NIS 1,050.
Reduced - New: NIS 1,160; Renewal: NIS 1000

Thinking Music, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (4 concerts) 
New: NIS 550. Renewal: NIS 500
Young*: NIS 180 (Under age 35, upon pres. of ID)

Classical Series, Rehovot (4 concerts in Rehovot and 2 in Tel Aviv)
New: NIS 875. Renewal: NIS 730.
Reduced – New: NIS 800; Renewal: NIS 700

La Tempesta Dei Solisti series (Only in Tel Aviv) / 6 concerts. Please call: 03-6077070

The Classical series, Savion Cultural Center / 6 concerts. Please call: *8234

The Classical series, Weill Auditorium, 0Kfar Shmaryahu / 6 concerts Please call: 09-9569430

Open Subscription / 6 concerts of your choice in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Rehovot, or double tickets for 3 concerts. Sales start 1.7.17
Over age 35: NIS 825.
Under age 35*: NIS 250 (upon presentation of ID)

Subscription prices for program notes (in Hebrew):
8 programs - NIS 120 (For The Human Voice Series)

The present seats of veteran subscribers will be reserved if they renew subscriptions before 7.4.17. Workplace committee subscribers, please reserve seats until this date as well. Reservations
will be valid until the subscription is renewed through the workplace committee, but no later than 30.6.2017.

Reduced Rates
Tel Aviv / Recanati Hall: side tiers and rows 1-2 / Asia Hall: rows 1-2
Jerusalem / Henry Crown: rows 1-2 and upper gallery / Rebecca Crown: rows 1-2
Rehovot / side tiers in rows 1-5

To buy Single tickets for 2017/18 season for Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Rehovot please call
1-700-55-2000 (extension 3) or buy them directly online

Single tickets 
NIS 185. For choral concerts: NIS 210.
Reduced: NIS 155. For choral concerts: NIS 180.

Single additional tickets for subscribers  
NIS 150. For choral concerts: NIS 160.
Reduced: NIS 135. For choral concerts: NIS 145.

Single tickets for customers 35* or younger in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Rehovot: NIS 50 (upon presentation of ID)

To buy Single tickets for our concert in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Rehovot please call: 1-700-55-2000 or use our website
To buy Single tickets for our concert in Performing Arts Center in Kfar Saba please call: 09-7640810
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in Elma Arts Center in Zichron Ya'akov please call: 03-6200123
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in New Music Center in Rosh Ha'ain please call: 03-9014527
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in Weil Center in Kfar Shmaryahu please call: 09-9569430
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in Culture House in Savion please call: *8234
To buy Single tickets for our concert in Performing Arts Center in Ashkelon please call: 08-6718777
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in Tel Aviv Museum of Arts within the "La Tempesta dei Solisti" series please call: 03-6077020

Ticket exchange/cancellation policy
Should you be unable to attend a concert, please call our office till 17:00 on the day of the concert. For concerts
held on weekends please update us via mail at or call 054-8028095, not later than one
hour before the beginning of the concert. Your notice will entitle you to a ticket to a different concert,
availability permitting.

Only holders of the 2017/18 subscription will be able to exchange unused tickets of the 2016/17 season for tickets
to a concert of your choice in the 2017/18 season, availability permitting.

The cancellation of a subscription or a single ticket will be possible in certain cases and will incur a 5% handling fee.

* In reduced seats only. The Camerata has the right to change this price for specific concerts.