The Israel Camerata Jerusalem


Subscription for 2018/19 season

Subscriptions for 2018/19 season can be purchased at the Camerata office, Tel. no. 1-700-55-2000 or buy them directly online or contact us via the web site.

Office hours: Sundays to Thursdays 9 am-5pm.


Human Voice, Tel Aviv (8 concerts)
New: NIS 1,300. Renewal: NIS 1,120.
Reduced - New: NIS 1,230; Renewal: NIS 1,050

Human Voice, Jerusalem (8 concerts)
New: NIS 1,250. Renewal: NIS 1,070.
Reduced - New: NIS 1,180; Renewal: NIS 1,020

Classical Series, Nes Ziona (4 concerts)
600 NIS
Single ticket: 120 NIS

The Reflections series / 3 concerts

Jerusalem and Haifa Tel Aviv  
NIS 540 NIS 615 Price level 1
NIS 450 NIS 540 Price level 2
  NIS 420 Price level 3


The Reflections series / Single tickets

    Tel-Aviv Jerusalem & Haifa
Operelectronic Night Price level 1 210  
Price level 2 180  
Price level 3 140  
Shlomi, Yoni & the JCO Price level 1   210
Price level 2   180
Marina Maximilian & the JCO Price level 1 260 210
Price level 2 230 180
Price level 3 170  
Chava Alberstein & the JCO Price level 1 300 250
Price level 2 260 210
Price level 3 200  


La Tempesta Dei Solisti series (Only in Tel Aviv) / 6 concerts. Please call: 03-6077070
The Classical series, Savion Cultural Center / 6 concerts. Please call: *8234
The Classical series, Weill Auditorium, Kfar Shmaryahu5 concerts Please call: 09-9569430
The Classical series, Elma Art Complex, Zichron Yaakov / 4 concerts

Open Subscription / 6 concerts of your choice in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Nes Ziona, or double tickets for 3 concerts. 
Over age 35: NIS 850.
Under age 35*: NIS 250 (upon presentation of ID)

Subscription prices for program notes (in Hebrew):
8 programs - NIS 120 (For The Human Voice Series)

Reduced Rates
Tel Aviv / Recanati Hall: side tiers and rows 1-2 / Asia Hall: rows 1-2
Jerusalem / Henry Crown: rows 1-2 and upper gallery / Rebecca Crown: rows 1-2

To buy Single tickets for 2017/18 season for Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Nes Ziona please call
1-700-55-2000 (extension 3) or buy them directly online

Single tickets 
NIS 185. For choral concerts: NIS 210.
Reduced: NIS 155. For choral concerts: NIS 180.

Single additional tickets for subscribers  
NIS 150. For choral concerts: NIS 160.
Reduced: NIS 135. For choral concerts: NIS 145.

Single tickets for customers 35* or younger in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv : NIS 50 , in Nes Ziona: NIS 40 (upon presentation of ID)

To buy Single tickets for our concert in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Nes Ziona please call: 1-700-55-2000 or use our website
To buy Single tickets for our concert in Performing Arts Center in Kfar Saba please call: 09-7640810
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in Elma Arts Center in Zichron Ya'akov please call: 03-6200123
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in New Music Center in Rosh Ha'ain please call: 03-9014527
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in Weil Center in Kfar Shmaryahu please call: 09-9569430
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in Culture House in Savion please call: *8234
To buy Single tickets for our concert in Performing Arts Center in Ashkelon please call: 08-6718777
To buy Single tickets for our concerts in Tel Aviv Museum of Arts within the "La Tempesta dei Solisti" series please call: 03-6077020

Ticket exchange/cancellation policy
Should you be unable to attend a concert, please call our office till 17:00 on the day of the concert. For concerts
held on weekends please update us via mail at or call 054-8028095, not later than one
hour before the beginning of the concert. Your notice will entitle you to a ticket to a different concert,
availability permitting.

Only holders of the 2017/18 subscription will be able to exchange unused tickets of the 2016/17 season for tickets
to a concert of your choice in the 2017/18 season, availability permitting.

The cancellation of a subscription or a single ticket will be possible in certain cases and will incur a 5% handling fee.

* In reduced seats only. The Camerata has the right to change this price for specific concerts.